October 27, 2020

Tour Guide Systems For Wireless Communications

This in the wired system could be a wire, a coaxial cable, or an optical fiber. Tour guide systems for museums, factory tours, and walking tours.

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Live guides speak with tour groups using a transmitter, microphone, wireless receivers and headsets.

Tour guide systems for wireless communications. Sennheiser ek1039 tourguide system handbook. A tour guide system is a lightweight and portable radio system to aid communication from an individual to a group of people. Established in 1994, space communications & electronics is a professionally organized company.

Whether your group needs to preserve the integrity of a museum exhibit by speaking softly or they are surrounded by noisy machinery, listentalk was designed with both extremes in mind. The transceiver is worn on a lanyard around the tour guide’s neck, accompanied by a headset with a microphone. With thousands of companies nationwide and internationally using our tour guide systems, we know plant tours better than anyone else.

The channel is a medium through which the transmitter output is sent to the recipient. Listen technology tour guide systems / tourguide systems. With our tour guide systems every participant is able to adjust the volume to his needs so that everyone can understand loud and clear what has been said.

In wireless systems these are generally waves like ir or radio. Call us for a free demo today. We help companies eliminate noise and distractions and dramatically improve tour group engagement.

With our wireless tourguide systems difficulties in understanding during a guided tour are a thing of the past. Listentalk is the smart wireless two way tour guide system and equipment that extends beyond traditional tour applications. Our product range includes walkie talkies, base/vehicle mobiles, repeaters, vehicle tracking solutions, wireless tour guide systems, etc.

Listentalk is the only solution that facilitates communication and collaboration in any setting −ensuring the best vip guest experience. Each member of staff is issued with a compact transceiver and headset so they can speak to and hear each other, as if on the same telephone call. Sennheiser tour guide systems have been recognised for many years as the industry standard for wireless tour guide equipment.

Sennheiser tour guide system applications We have developed a real ecosystem around our tour guide devices. A typical system comprises a compact microphone transmitter, wireless receivers and storage case with integrated battery charger.

Discover our tour guide systems. The tour guide has a mic and tour guide participants clip a bodypack receiver with an adjustable volume control to their belt. We are all about voice and data transmission systems for public, industrial or private users.

Select the number of leader headsets and the number of student headsets, it’s also highly recommended to. Through the itmi foundation, whisper contributes towards scholarships for those unable to pay tuition costs. Smartgroup is a completely customizable build your own solution to meet your needs:

The different services provided by the wireless communication system is a cellular telephone, radio¸ paging, tv, video conferencing, etc use different communication services, there are different wireless communications systems are developed based on the application. Hands are free—no handheld audio microphone or tethered speaker to lug around and hold up for everyone to hear. A wireless guided tour system is perfect for group communication in any environment.

Meder commtech is one of the market leaders in wireless communication technology. It would extract the information from the incoming signal. Plus, guests can ask a question or interact with other tour members with just the push of a button.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and is perfect for when the tour guide needs to hand off communications to another presenter or answer questions during the tour. These tour guide systems have been specially designed to be lightweight, robust and easily configured. Applications include service, training, site walks, and accessing digital workflow processes.

At the other end of the channel would be the receiver. Automatic trigger systems, accessories, synchronisation solutions, and many more. Sennheiser guided tour equipment overview.

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