March 3, 2021

Monk Guide 5e Drunken Master

Drunken master martial arts students face a bewildering array of martial arts schools, each with its own adherents and detractors. A new monastic tradition for the monk class for my 5e oriental adventures campaign.

Drunken Master!t Drunken master, Fantasy character

The drunken master is a chaotic, whirling force of fists and fury.

Monk guide 5e drunken master. Fun is what you make it. The drunken master 5e ‘s manner teaches its pupils to move with all the jerky, unpredictable motions of a drunkard. Almost every ability granted by this monastic tradition increases your speed and damage output, putting it at the top of the short list of monk options that maximized your mastery of punching things until they die.

But somewhat fails to do so for reasons we’ll get into later. The way of the drunken master transforms the monk into a backline skirmisher. Bonus proficiencies with performance and brewer’s supplies gives this character added flavor for role playing.

Drunken master monk june 4, 2019 review character creation , characters , class , dnd , dungeons & dragons , dungeons and dragons , dungeons&dragons , subclass draconick one of my fondest experiences with somebody playing a monk was with the drunken master monk prestige class in d&d 3.5. Way of the drunken master. Created at the request of one of my pcs.

So while nerdarchists dave and ted discuss the drunken tactician character build for adventurers league over on. I have a pair of shoes that grant my monk an additional 5 feet of movement. While drunken master is a great in class solution to the issues with monk, mobile provides a way of doing so for those that don't want to use the archtype on it.

Character optimization guide for the dnd 5e monk. A drunken master often enjoys playing the fool to bring gladness to the despondent or to demonstrate humility to the arrogant, but when battle is joined, the drunken master can be a maddening, masterful foe. The way of the drunken master, the way of the kensei, and the way of the sun soul.

I'm interested in the monk right now, and i've noticed that, due to mad, stat ups are usually better than feats at most levels. I haven’t played it myself, but i have allowed a player to use the water spells on alcohol. I noticed two interesting things:

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You spend one ki and your reaction, and that attack hits a creature within 5' of you instead. We took a look at the fifth edition dungeons & dragons ranger a few days ago with an eye towards creating a spellcaster focused ranger character and had a lot of fun exploring those ideas. 5e’s kensei is a defensive archetype that allows the monk to enter the ranged field without problem.

This archetype is designed to be a functioning 5e version of the 3.5e prestige class, with more of the real martial art of zui quan baked in, heavily inspired by jackie chan's drunken master. Xanathar’s guide to everything presents three more subclasses: Drunken master monk redirect attack question d&d 5e at level 6, the drunken master monk gains the ability to spend 1 ki point and a reaction when an opponent misses them with an attack, instead forcing them to hit a different opponent within 5 feet of you.

The drunken master’s erratic stumbles conceal a carefully executed dance of blocks, parries, advances, attacks, and retreats. The new target does not need to be in range of the attacker. I'd imagine the quintessential 5e open hand monk would probably take mobility.

Rather than offering new options to spend ki, or extra versatility beyond the base monk skills, it turns flurry of blows into the picture of action economy. Drunken master, ki mystic, master of many styles, monk of the empty hand, sensei monk of the sacred mountain one of the monk's biggest problems is that it depends on flurry of blows for damage, and flurry of blows depends on standing still and making a full attack. My current drunken master monk is a human (variant) at level 9.

Way of the four elements This subclass is considered by most to be the weakest of all the monk subclasses. Not 100% happy with the zui quan abilities so wip.

Then, go and do your monk(ey) stuff with a few ape hit points between attacks and your squishy monk body. You get to make your attacks and disengage every turn (well every turn you use flurry of blows). It’s a strong choice for any aspiring monk that wants to practically dance their way through the melee.

A real master frequently enjoys playing the fool to. So a base movement speed of 30 feet with my added monk bonuses to unarmored movement, my base speed is 45 feet per round. The drunken master’s inconsistent stumbles hide a carefully executed dance of blocks, parries, advances, attacks, and retreats.

By widening the monk’s options for using monk weapons, the kensei also hopes to increase the damage done…. He has a dex of 16. In dnd 5e, the monk way of the drunken master is a fun, maneuverable martial artists who plays the fool.

In xanathar's guide, the drunken master level 6 ability tipsy sway lets you redirect an attack that misses you. That wraps up a drunken master 5e guide! Way of the monk dnd class.

This build works well with the way of the open hand and way of the drunken master monk subclasses. As a monk you will have high wisdom, meaning you will likely have good perception. December 21, 2020 by jared rigsby.

If you like this archetype check out village idiot! At 3rd level, the 5e monk may choose their monastic tradition. By the wording, the attack hits the new creature.

Unearthed arcana — class feature variants remains the gift that keeps on giving this week. Even a variant human monk is unlikely to have more than 2 feats in order to accommodate asi boosts to dex and wis. Strength saves aren't terribly common, but dexterity saves are great for resisting damaging aoe effects.eventually monks pick up diamond body, giving them proficiency in all saves, including death.

If your dm doesn't use passive perception you can safely ignore this feat. Each time a drunken master uses breath of flame, it consumes one drink's worth of alcohol from within his body, lessening the penalty to his wisdom and intelligence scores and reducing the bonus to his strength or constitution score (character's choice). The perfect background for any drunken master:

However, moves like the drunken technique and tipsy sway offer swift, clever combat skills to.

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