December 19, 2020

Marlin Guide Gun Big Game Hunt

To hunt certain big game critters you need a big gun. What can you hit though?

Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine

Hell thats all up to you.

Marlin guide gun big game hunt. Doing some big game hunting with 300 blackout! Marlin, currently, offers two versions of the 1895 model in the.450 marlin, the guide gun or 1895m with a 18 ½” barrel, and the 1895mxlr mechanics and 24 barrel made entirely of stainless steel. The original marlin 1895 (only 5000 made) is hard to find and expensive but probably the best of the best in lever guns, closely followed by the more common but excellent 1886 winchesters.

It feels even lighter than that. ———————— please check out and support the people who help make this channel… The browning blr is a lever action rifle that accepts box magazines for faster reloads.

At 100 yards, published energy figures claim 2430 fps/2111 ft. Bud’s gun shop,… hickok45 february 9, 2021 It makes the marlin 336 rifle, one of the most dependable, adaptable and well balanced hunting instruments ever created, a universal north american big game rifle.

Straight grip walnut stock with checkering. Perfect for hunting in heavy brush or in a tight blind; The pronghorn antelope is an excellent choice for your first western big game hunt.

———————— please check out and support the people who help make this channel possible: 434 views share embed download in general. The.444 marlin has the advantage of using the jacketed and cast bullets for the.44 magnum, making it a rather flexible design for the handloader.

It shoots quite well but isn't quite as nicely finished as my earlier jm marlin was. It’s a popular gun among north american sportsmen who hunt bear, deer, hogs, and moose. Massaro with a mozambican cape buffalo, cleanly taken with a heym 89b in.450/400 3 nitro

Over the last 5 years i have complimented my field arsenal with the new marlin 1895 gbl's and i have found myself carrying them more and more when walking after buffalo and other game. Went back to the 45/70 marlin 1895 this year, after ten years without a big bore marlin. The.450 marlin we can now talk about the weapon models we selected in the.450 marlin caliber.

Mine is a new production rifle, not a jm. Marlin guide gun big game hunt 6. Available in various finishes and textures ranging from black walnut to laminated hardwood.

Kinetically without using hot loads for hunting say medium sized game like deer or black bear? Please check out and support the people who help make this channel possible: Now granted the guide gun has a short barrel but t.

I've got mine set up with a compact 2.5x leupold, only about 8 ounces. Next, well go over some of the best examples of big game rifles for you to consider, presented alphabetically: I do like the platform and the cartridge.

Great for carrying in your truck, too. The.308 marlin uses a 160 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity (mv) of 2660 fps and muzzle energy (me) of 2513 ft. Depends what youre defining it as.

Bud’s gun shop, federal premium, sonoran desert institute, apmex, talon grips, & ballistol: This rifle is not your grandfather’s marlin.

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