March 8, 2021

How Do You Know What Skateboard Size To Get

The width of your truck should match the width of your skateboard deck. Try to avoid walmart or target for your first skateboard.

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What size skateboard is good for street

How do you know what skateboard size to get. The hight of skateboard trucks is a personal preference, low, medium, or high trucks it’s really up to you. If you visit a local skate shop, you’re getting the benefit of their expertise. You can use 7/8″ (flush fit) or 1″ (a little extra) hardware for most setups, we recommend using 1 1/8″ hardware when using 1/8″ risers.

What size skateboard should i get? For the perfect truck size, you are aiming to match the overall truck width to the deck width, for example, a 7.75 deck matches a 5.0 truck, an 8.0 deck matches a 5.25 truck. You can get a pair for around $30 if you’re lucky.

How to choose the right size board? Just make sure they fit your deck or you could get some issues with responsiveness and balance. You will notice on our website, when you are going to buy a skateboard we have lot’s of models, shapes and lots of sizes.the first thing you’ll notice when browsing our website is that there are tons of different sized skateboards.

The nickel can handle faster speed, if you want to do some downhill, the nickel is a better choice. While choosing the right size of skateboard is largely a personal preference, there are 3 important factors to consider when selecting the right board size: If you wear shoes 9.5 or larger, we recommend getting a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches.

If you're as tall as your shoe size suggests, you might want to try the same. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, try marking a string and measuring it against a ruler. I'm in the same boat (6'4 size 12).

Regardless of wheel size, all skateboard bearings are the same size and will fit any skateboard wheel that warehouse skateboards sells. If you are unable to measure your head, you can use your hat size to find the comparable skateboard helmet size in centimeters. If you just want to skate, the nickel is probably more comfortable and easier to ride;

Skateboard bearings are the round metal pieces that fit inside the wheels to mount the wheels to the axle. If the skateboard you just got isnt the right size just skate it for a bit and ull get. This will give you a good baseline.

But still, it’s all up to your preference. I get the biggest boards i can find. Often you can get skate shoes very cheap on sale.

If you're short with big feet, maybe a smaller deck would work but i don't honestly know about that. Just get what feels comfortable to you, thats what will work best. If the helmet is a gift or you cannot measure the skater's head, measure the inside of a current helmet or hat.

If you found the perfect shoe, get them again the next time. We recommend starting with a skateboard deck width that is proportional to your shoe size. If you have a pair you really like consider buying 2 of them, they might not come back.

If you want flip tricks and technical skating to be easier and require less movement, you may like a width of 7.5 to 8 inches. While looking at skateboard deck sizes, the most important factor to consider is the width of the board. If you skate mostly vert, parks, pools, (we call this transition skating) or just like more stability and surface area under your feet, you'll want to skate a deck that is slightly wider.

What size skateboard should you get? The reason for this is a wider nose gives you a better chance of flipping and guiding the skateboard to where you want it to go. The smaller the size gets, the better it becomes for you to perform the tricks.

I’ve had many shoes that just didn’t quite skate like my previous pair and regretted. When picking a deck, know what kind of skating you want to do. If you wear men’s size 6.5 to 9, start out with a deck width of 7.5 to 8.0 inches.

Do you dream of going crazy fast and bombing hills? If they have any completes most defeintily ask to stand on them, its not realy a thing that your ganna know at first but once you have been through a few boards you will know what your comfortable with. The skateboard nose is a little bit wider and doesn’t have as sharp of an angle as the tail.

The size ranges from 50 to 75 mm. Choosing the right size skateboard will help you progress and learn more easily. The second criteria for deciding what size longboard to get is what kind of style do you prefer.

Picking the right size skateboard truck is pretty easy. If you are a heavier or bigger guy/girl, check out our guide for heavier riders, there are a few important things which you need to know. Plus, some shops even allow customers to take boards for a short test ride—and you get to support the local economy!

Skateboard truck & wheel size chart. Unless your shoe size is 13 and above, you can ride the penny. Here is a list of conditions for the different diameters and when they are suitable for you:

Are you still wondering, what size penny board should i get? Some things to keep in mind, especially if you are choosing between. 15 best zero skateboards complete worth buying.

The universal measurements for bearings are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width). So how do you know what size skateboard to buy? But im going to recomend you.

Let's find out the information to select a suitable skateboard! When buying a new set of skateboard trucks you first need to know the deck width you will be using them with. Your body and style of skating adapts to the size of the board you’re riding” skateboard deck concave.

Risers can be used to prevent wheel bite, we recommend using a 1/8″ riser when you have a 56mm to 60mm size wheel. The standard skateboard deck length mostly ranges from 28 to 33 inches. If you want a stable board that's easy to land on, grind with, and cruise on, a width of 8 to 8.5 inches could be good for you.

As you get more experienced, you'll learn what sizing you prefer, until you reach this point, we recommend choosing your deck size base on your shoe size. Im 5'2'' also i mostly use a deck that is about 7.5 to 8, the best thing for you to do is to go to your local skateboarding shop and ask to stand on a few boards. “you get flatter, and steeper boards.” says dan.

They get away with selling very cheap and (kinda crappy) boards all the time. The deck width size matters because you want a board that is easy to control and balance. An important factor to consider when buying your first skateboard deck is the concave, or how much the board dips down in the middle, compared to the sides.

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